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Car rental in Europe for trips and carefree holidays today is in high demand, including in the beloved Spain. Actively book a car in cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Alicante, Bilbao, Valencia, Granada, Gran Canaria, Girona, Ibiza, Marbella, Mallorca, Salou, Santander, Seville, Tarragona, Tenerife, Torrevieja, Figueres, Fuerteventura, Fuengirola, Llored de Mar, Reus.
Spain is rightly called the country of contrasts, and car rental is a great option for an exciting trip to its regions. Crazy rhythm, amazing hospitality of the locals and temperamental language — in every city there is a unique atmosphere, without the feeling of which it is impossible to make a reliable opinion about Sunny Spain.
Car rental will not hit the family budget, because recently it is not a privilege, but a public means of transportation. You can rent a car of any class thanks to the intuitive interface of the site and favorable conditions.
Car rental Spain
Why choose a portal: — easy to use website aggregator for renting of automobile transport in Spain and other countries of the world. Using the services, you do not have:
  • pay a penalty for cancellation or change of booking (date, time, transport requirements);
  • to fork out high rates without loyalty rebates;
  • отдельно вносить средства для оплаты налогов, страховки, аэропортного сбора и прочих нюансов;
  • know the official language of the country where you plan to go.
Use the car booking service as soon as possible: the favorite iron horse can leave in the next minute! We cooperate with international companies and local carriers, so it is easy to help you choose the perfect option from Hertz, Avis, Europcar, Alamo, Budget, Dollar, Thristy, Firefly and other car rental service providers.
To do this, select:
  • preferred make and class of vehicle;
  • the place where the tourist will get a rental car;
  • valid price range.
Booking transport long before the trip, you will only save: rent a car at the airports of Spain is a very popular service. In addition, when contacting the rental company, the client can be sure of strict compliance with the contract. You only need to carefully read the terms and conditions and understand the specifics of the SDA and insurance in the country where you intend to go.


Travel around the country by train or plane is not cheap and does not have such a nice bonus as a review of the surrounding area and familiarity with the flavor of Spanish villages. Given the affordable cost of renting a car, this transport is increasingly chosen by tourists, and the chance to remain without a suitable option increases. It is recommended to book well in advance.
To do this, observe the following conditions:
  • get a driver's license;
  • get a credit card issued in your name and put a Deposit on it, the amount of which is determined by the company;
  • correspond to the age range from 21 to 75 years (in some companies the minimum threshold is 23 years);
  • иметь более года стажа вождения (иногда компании требуют свыше двух лет).
Aggregators for car rental in Spain-a great helper in choosing the type of transport: mini–cars, economy class car, station wagons, minivans (with five, seven or nine seats for passengers), SUVs and compact cars. Using the portal Rentalcars will not cause problems, and everyone can easily rent a vehicle to travel to one of the most colorful countries in the world! Do it long before the trip — and you do not have to spend vacation time on the development of sites aggregators. In addition, the cost of services can be reduced if, for example, book a car for the summer in the winter.
Nuances of car rental
Let's talk about what you need to know the traveler who plans to get transport for the trip to Spain.
The duration of the rental
Car transport can be rented for at least 24 hours. If the rental time does not exceed 24 hours, the money will not be returned. Crossing the borders of Spain in a rented car is possible. To do this, you must inform the booking center about your intention: in some cases, you will not leave the country without additional documents. In addition, you may be charged a fee. More information will be provided by the call center of the car rental service provider in Spain.
additional deposit
The necessary local fees (for example, contract, license or state) are registered in the tourist voucher together with additional services. Among them — the presence of a trunk of a certain size, the child seat, GPS etc. with regard to seasonal rubber, the cars equipped with it to provide rental. Sometimes the availability is specified further and is included in the rental price of transport.
In case of an accident, the customer is responsible for damage to the car within the franchise. Insurance for its compensation is valid only when documenting the accident by the local police.
The rental company accepts road transport in the same form in which it was made available to the client. Only minor pollution is acceptable, and in some cases the car rental service provider charges a fee for cleaning the vehicle. You can rent a car in the office regardless of its location. This is acceptable both within Spain and abroad. Delay in returning the car up to 12 hours requires compensation in the form of 60% of the daily rate. In other cases, you must pay in full. The main thing is to timely warn the rental company about the delay, otherwise its representatives will go to extreme measures (up to the filing of the car and you wanted).
Traffic rules in Spain
Decided to rent a car for a memorable trip to the Sunny resorts? The knowledge of traffic rules of the country will not be superfluous. On the territory of Spain operates right-hand traffic. Here drivers love to drive fast because of its temperament, so tourists will have to get used to it.
seat belt
Despite the recklessness, the Spaniards strictly adhere to the rules of the use of seat belts: the servants of the law are strict about neglecting the safety of the lives of the driver and passengers. Violation of the rule is subject to a fine of 200€.
Driving while intoxicated
No less closely the police monitors and alcohol in the blood. Permissible level - no more than 0.5 ppm. For drivers with driving experience of less than two years, the figure is reduced to 0.3 ppm. Exceeding this dose and refusal of medical examination are punishable by a fine of 500€.
The permissible threshold in the city-50 km/ the vicinity you can afford to accelerate to 90 km/h, and on highways — and does up to 120 km / h. Speeding is recorded by inspectors and cameras and is punishable by a fine, the size of which is determined by the degree of violation: from 100€ to 600€ and above. If you refuse to pay the fine, the vehicle is withdrawn, and the amount of money increases significantly.
mobile phone
In this case, Spain is no different from other countries in the world: driving a car provides for a ban on talking on the phone without a special headset that leaves the driver's hands free. The law also insists on the complete shutdown of the device in the area of gas stations. Violation of the rule entails a fine of 200€.
And again about renting a car in Spain
Please note that guests are required to present a driver's license and a Bank card in your name upon arrival at the car rental office. In some cases, employees of the company may require a document for identification and air ticket. However, sometimes tourists are limited to debit card: it all depends on the car rental service provider.
Rentalcars makes car rental in Spain and other countries of the world operational and affordable. Previously, tourists spoke about the inexpediency of booking due to a sharp decrease in the cost of car rental. However, in Europe this phenomenon has not been observed for a long time, so feel free to use the services of international rental companies through the largest car booking service — Rentalcars. More than ten million customers have made the right choice, it's time to join them!

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